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Who Else Wants To Get Extremely Frustrated With Their Email Provider?

Posted in Manny's 2 Cents by manny on February 28, 2006

(The above headline created with my Headline Generator

I very much dislike  As a matter of fact, it completely sucks.

When I initially signed up with this free email service, it was good.  As time went on, however, more and more flashing banners with half naked folks started to appear, and the service started to slow considerably.  Then, while checking my mail one day, I was redirected to a page full of banners that demanded my attention by making me have to click a "no thanks" button before proceeding (excruciatingly slowly) to the message that I actually wanted to go to before being hijacked.

I decided to write this post when I needed to find a single email from a particluar individual that was sent to my old account about 1 year ago.  I do not use now, but I needed the information contained in that single email.

Well, I had more than one email from the individual.  After I did a search and took it's 5 minutes to pull up all of his emails to me (I have a broadband connection, by the way) I had to go through each individual email in order to find the right one.  I would look at the email, then have to click my browsers back button to go back to the list of emails from this one person.  Well, every time I try to go back to the list, I get that stupid page full of banners with the "no thanks" button on it.  And would you like to guess what happens when I press the "no thanks" button?  I get redirected to my inbox and have to do the 5 minute search thing all over again.

After about 20 minutes of what could only be described as "what the devil does to those who go to heck" (I don't actually believe the devil does anything to people in heck), I finally located the correct email, fell on my knees and praised the god of technology for directing me away from this email provider the year before.

Sure, it's a free service.  But I would strongly encourage anyone considering signing up with this provider to go somewhere else.  I use my old account as a drop box only, when I need to sign up for something but don't wish to get spammed. 

I think the only people who still use probably only do so because they do not have the time to switch over to another service, or have been using it for so long they do not realize that there are other free email providers available that don't stink.


Great New Discovery Helps You Be Impractical And Mismanage Your Time

Posted in Other Time Wasters by manny on January 30, 2006

The above headline was created using a headline generator I wrote.  I call it, respectively, Headline Generator.  Even if you don’t need a catchy headline, it is fun just to enter silly phrases like “kick some booty” or “flatulate loudly”.

I am going to use this headline generator to create the headlines for each post on this weblog.

Give it a try some day when you feel like wasting some time.

Who is Manny?

Posted in Manny's 2 Cents by manny on June 9, 2005

Manny is just this guy, you know. He likes peanut butter, spongebob, SEO and lot’s of other stuff like that. Sports? Manny could not possibly care any less about such nonsense. He also hates Barney, the dancing singing purple piece of garbage.

This is actually a page created to get indexed. That is really the only reason this post was created. So if it does not seem to make much sense or is not very interesting, just remember that.

ESPN – Manny Ramirez Stats, News, Photos – Boston Red Sox – MLB

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dish network special offers

Posted in Uncategorized by manny on May 21, 2005

With more satellite providers coming online all the time, the age of cable television is slowly starting to come to an end. The advantages satellite has over regular cable are becoming more and more clear as subscribers to services such as Dish Network Satellite TV begin to grow.

While it used to be services like Dish Network Satellite TV only worked on sunny days when the dish was held just right, technological advances have made images of people standing on their roofs to enhance reception a thing of the past. These services are now very reliable and the overall perks they offer make many choose satellite over basic cable.

Satellite providers generally offer packages that are much more affordable than they used to be in the past. The satellites themselves are typically very small now and can be mounted in apartments, as well as homes. They are either sold or go along at no charge with the pricing packages for subscribers, too.

As the pricing gap has closed greatly, there are other perks that go along with satellite television that have become readily noted by fans. Advantages that go along with services such as Dish Network Satellite TV include such things as:

Lower pricing: In most cases, satellite television is a bit cheaper if not a whole lot cheaper than cable station for station. While premium programming still costs basic subscription rates, access to the basic package, which tends to include a whole lot more channels, is typically less than hard-wired cable.

More viewing choices: This is one of the biggest perks of services such as Dish Network Satellite TV. The fact is satellite providers can offer a whole lot of local stations that regular cable providers cannot. With access to network programming from all over the country, it’s possible for viewers to catch their favorite show as it comes on during East Coast time and then watch it again on Pacific Time.

In addition, these different network providers have their own local programming schedules that give viewers more choices. Plus, there are all kinds of other programming options that basic cable typically doesn’t include. From comedy and cartoon channels to niche networks and beyond, satellite tends to offer a little more of everything.

More premium packages: With an ability to pluck programming out of the airwaves at an amazing rate, satellite providers also have the ability to put together bigger and more well rounded packages than many cable providers. This means the choice of pricing packages and channels available for viewers tends to be greater, offering more bang for the buck. These services also often offer very specialized packages. From packages for people with kids to sports fans who want to make sure to see every game their favorite team plays, the add on packs can make television very personalized.

While it used to be true that satellite television came at a high price and that users faced receivers that just didn’t work all the time, that isn’t the case any more. As technology has advanced, so too has the abilities of satellite television. Providing more choice for generally less money, satellite providers like Dish Network Satellite TV are gaining ground as cable is slowing becoming a thing of the past.