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The internet has made the world a smaller place and many are looking for a way to communicate in a foreign language. Businessmen need to correspond with customers, suppliers or employees. Many others may need to translate French for travel, school, or personal correspondence with friends. It is estimated there are over 150 million people across the globe that speak French and it is the native language for 30 countries. Effectively communicating can be difficult, this is where translation software can help.

Although there are human translators available for this purpose, it is not cost effective or physically possible to translate the huge amount of documents needed within the time frame required. With a language converter, or software translator you can get translations instantly 24 hours a day with an impressive level of accuracy.

What can French translation software do for you?

1 Convert any text into a foreign language
2 Translates e-mail message to/from a foreign language
3 Translates letters, reports, and memos in a foreign language
4 Translates training manuals and employee handbooks in a foreign language
5 Perfect tool for converting web pages, Excel files, Microsoft Word and Power Point Presentations and PDF files.

Easy to use!

When thinking of purchasing French translation software many might wonder how much time it takes to learn this type of new program. The good news is that you can easily start translating within minutes. With new technology you can work directly inside Microsoft Office, the most popular word processing products on the market. You can easily open the document, choose the language and click the translate button. Almost instantly the document appears in the other language.

Accuracy and Speed of French Translation Software French translation software helps to translate all types of documents into a foreign language but one question you might have is, how fast is it and how accurate? The speed can be from a sentence per second, a simple document in less than a minute or a 250 page document can be translated in about 30 minutes.The accuracy of the results can vary depending upon the features in the product you choose and your original text. The software can deliver a very high gisting level which means you will not get 100% accuracy but it will give you a good idea what the page is about. You can improve the results by using advanced tools that are available in the more professional versions of the software. Results can also be improved by inputting text that is grammatically correct, using proper punctuation and does not contain idioms or slang.

Choosing the Correct French Translation Software

When researching translation software you find it has changed a lot over the past 5 years. To translate from French to English or from English to French, there are several good options available and now even professional translators are using software to increase productivity.

The product you choose should be sensitive to the linguistic rules and grammar that is specific to the French language. You should also choose a product that uses the standard dialect with the ability to customize the software for additional dialects. There is the Standard French or Parisian French, Canadian French, Cajun French, African French and even a Belgian French. If you choose a software that can be customized you will be able to translate French from all these dialects.

You also need to choose a product that has advanced tools that allow you to train it for your own terminology or style of writing. This is very important because some software can be trained better than others.

If you can find the right French translation software, then you can translate most of the documents on your own. Thereby, you will require the services of translator only to tweak results and proof critical documents. Considering the high prices of hiring translators, you will easily recoup your investment into a software package on the first couple of translations.

No matter what your requirements are, there are automatic software translators to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. With this type of tool you will be able to communicate in a foreign language instantly.
Karen LaForce makes it easy and provides a French translation Software which converts any text into an foreign language. To recieve the free part minicourse visit the you can learn cajun french.


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